Rob Singer received his Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Seattle, WA. He has been practicing since 2003 and opened ACUPUNCTURE For The PEOPLE in 2006. Working in a group setting has provided lots of experience in treating a wide range of health concerns. He works with a variety of pain patterns, mental-emotional imbalances, allergy control and women’s health including PMS, menopause and pregnancy / birth.

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Originally from Mexico where he studied traditional Mexican healing practices, Marco moved to Washington state to further his education. After receiving his bachelor's degree in Herbal Sciences from Bastyr University in 2004 he continued on to the Acupuncture program, graduating in 2007 with a Master of Science in Acupuncture. Noticing the similarity between traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Mexican healing, his treatments focus on bringing into balance spirit, mind, and body in order to achieve optimal healing for his clients. Being fluent in Spanish, he has worked to introduce acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to the Spanish speaking community. Marco has experience treating pain at the body level, while also working with the mental and spiritual aspects associated with such. He believes in the capacity of the body to heal thy self and he uses all his knowledge and understanding to support and guide this process.

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Mary received her Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine in 2006.  She has been in private practice for over 10 years in the Eugene Community and is excited to bring her clinical experience to a community acupuncture setting. She has completed advanced Integrative Medicine training with the Mederi Foundation of Ashland, OR, as well as acupuncture cancer care training with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NY, NY.  Mary is a life-long qigong student of Master Zhongxian Wu and enjoys her study of Chen Style Tai Chi here in Eugene at Leung Martial Arts. Her clinical focuses include acute and chronic pain, allergies and asthma, digestive disorders, anxiety/depression, insomnia, women’s health and cancer care.


Gina graduated from AIMC in Berkeley, CA in 2018. She Studied Ear Acupuncture in France, traveled to learn Japanese techniques at Shikoku Medical College and often uses Japanese pulse reading during diagnosis. She is incredibly passionate about social action and has worked lobbying for environmental causes in DC. Her eclectic background in activism and advocacy, working on behalf of diverse, underserved communities attracted her to Community Acupuncture. She has provided Acupuncture treatments to non-profits and works at Chrysalis in Eugene doing detox treatments in a public health setting. She believes in Integrative and Holistic medicine and it’s her personal goal to facilitate others toward their own empowerment. “ It’s humbling to help and bear witness to someone begin to make connections between mind, body, and spirit”. She enjoys being busy and is looking forward to broadening her Acupuncture experience working in our dynamic clinic environment.

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Jenny trained at Southwest Acupuncture College in New Mexico, graduating in 2010. Her studies included primary care, pediatrics, nutrition, herbology and other aspects of Oriental Medicine. She participated in several community style internships, including terms at a rehabilitation hospital, providing treatments at a women's shelter, as well as working with a foster children's program. Jenny has a range of clinical experience including practicing at a Cancer Center where she assisted in the opening of a new integrated health clinic that offered community acupuncture to Chemo patients. Jenny is passionate about social justice and is a volunteer & member of Acupuncturists Without Borders, a non-profit group that brings acupuncture relief to areas hit by natural disasters around the world. She moved to Eugene four years ago from the Southwest with her spouse & child looking for a greener climate and is very happy to call Eugene home. Jenny is excited to bring her skills to more patients and to be a part of a community acupuncture team!


ERIN AUER-SEARS LMT - Student Observer
Erin has been working in the holistic health field since 2003 working with herbal protocols focusing on detoxification of the skin, bowels and lymph. In 2005 she added massage therapy to her skill set and immediately began working with Myofascial Trigger Point specialists in Chicago, gaining insight into body structure, pain patterns and their perpetuating factors. Erin has worked alongside homebirth midwives, physical therapists, yoga and fitness instructors, acupuncturists and chiropractors for the last decade and has a passion for integrating care. Her desire to become a community acupuncturist comes from a drive to live in a world where everyone has access to wellness practitioners and money doesn’t keep people from treatment.  She started her training with POCA tech in Portland in the fall of 2018.  Community acupuncture training has given her a renewed sense of curiosity and humility. She is very excited to start a new adventure and career in this arena.