Dyan has been a healer since she was a child and started practicing with different energy realms since then. Her passion is Lymphatic Drainage, a very gentle-yet complicated-modality that increases immunity, strengthens circulation and reduces swelling (edema). Many of her clients experience side effects from chemotherapy, knee/hip replacements, mastectomies and many other complications from surgeries and cancer where the Lymphatic System has been compromised.  She also practices Reiki, Deep Tissue, Fire Cupping and offers a gentle, flowing, relaxing massage. She also has experience working with people who suffer from allergies and seasonal congestion (which is important here in the Willamette Valley).
She looks forward to connecting with you on your journey to health and happiness. If you are in pain or are interested in a session or would just like a bit more information about the work that she does, please call/text (541) 357-0380 or connect with her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hokaheyhealing/