Before your treatment: Be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothes that can pull up and allow access to the lower leg and forearm. It’s also a good idea to have something to eat in the few hours before your treatment. Also, part of the diagnosis involves looking at your tongue and complexion, so if you brush your tongue or usually wear make-up, try to skip it the day of your treatment to allow a more realistic assessment. Fill out necessary paperwork and try to arrive a few minutes early to relax and check in.

When you arrive: Take a deep breath, hang up your coat, drink some water and visit the restroom if you need to. On the reception desk you’ll find a little red envelope waiting for you with your name on it. Put your payment in the envelope and drop it through the slot in the wooden box. Be sure to let us know if you need change. When you’re all done checking in, go find a comfortable seat in the community space.

Your first visit: This is the opportunity for your acupuncturist to meet you and discuss your health. We'll do an entire health history and talk about your current condition. The intake is rather extensive as it covers every aspect of your physical, mental and emotional well-being. You'll be asked to stick out your tongue and we'll 'listen' to the pulses of both wrists. We'll explain what to expect during your treatment and after the needles are in you can relax and take a nap if you like. The initial visit lasts about and hour and a half.

On your return visits: Choose any available recliner and remove your shoes and socks. You may also roll up your pant legs and sleeves if necessary. Your acupuncturist will greet you and discreetly ask about your health and the progress of your condition. Now it’s time for your treatment. It takes just a few minutes and once all the points are in we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and warm enough before we leave you to rest and let the needles do their job. Your whole session will last about an hour.

Stop smoking / ear treatments: If you want to quit smoking, acupuncture can help to reduce cravings, manage withdrawal symptoms, calm stress and improve respiratory health. The treatment is simple, 5 points on each ear every day for about a week until the cravings become manageable. Check out our Stop Smoking Special.

Sensations: At the needle site you may feel a dull ache, a warm tingling sensation, or electrical impulses that may travel up or down the body. This means that the point is being activated and is not only normal, but expected. Most sensations will subside quickly and you may even forget that the needles are there!
Pain on the other hand, is not a part of the therapeutic response. If you feel a sharp or poking sensation let us know. It’s common during insertion to feel very slight prick that will subside quickly, but occasionally the needle will enter a hair follicle. This may feel like a pinch or a mosquito bite. In this rare case, the needle will be removed, and we’ll try that point again later in the treatment. Your comfort is important to us, so please communicate what’s going on.

Possible reactions: After your acupuncturist removes the needles, take your time getting up and composing yourself to re-enter the outside world. Some people feel rejuvenated & energized, others report a ‘spacey, blissed out feeling’ after acupuncture. It’s not uncommon to feel tired after the treatment, so plan your day accordingly. Bruising at the needle site happens every once in a while and occasionally a point may ache a little following treatment. These are all normal reactions, but take note of how you respond to acupuncture and give your acupuncturist feedback on any positive or adverse reactions.