Acupuncture for the People charges a sliding scale of $15-$40 per treatment (there is a one-time $15 fee for the initial consultation). What you pay is up to you, there is no income verification required. We understand that everyone’s situation is different and our primary goal is to make Chinese Medicine accessible by making it affordable. The following chart offers suggested payment guidelines based on income:

We accept cash and personal checks at the office and can also process credit & debit card payments (for a .50¢ transaction fee). You may also prepay for future visits - we can arrange a payment package that works for you.

We do not accept insurance or do any 3rd party billing but we can provide receipts / superbills for taxes, medical savings accounts or reimbursement by your insurance company (check your policy for details). Our goal is to make acupuncture accessible whether you have health insurance or not. Most people find our affordable sliding scale ($15-$40) is about the same or less than their insurance co-pay.  No need to worry about preferred providers, treatment limits, deductibles, codes or paperwork. ACUPUNCTURE For The PEOPLE makes it easy to get the treatments that you need.