This is what people are saying about Acupuncture for the People:
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"I am so happy to be getting acupuncture treatment from Rob and his team. I came to see him with multiple conditions ranging from sinus problems, Parkinson' Disease to Kidney disease, pain, etc. Since being in treatment at Acupuncture for the People my total health has improved, and I am stronger and generally more balanced as a result."
- Jane G. via facebook

"I am so very grateful that I was coerced into my first acupuncture treatment over a year ago. My Piriformis Syndrome is under control and I only have minimal flare-ups now; my Fibromyalgia symptoms remain manageable with weekly treatments. Thank you to all the acupuncturists who treat me for keeping me sane and pain free!! Bless You!"
- Kara B. via facebook

"The only thing that has really helped my chronic back pain. Thanks you for providing such quality and affordable care!"
- Jennifer A. via facebook

"I am so glad Acupuncture for the People is here! It's one of the best parts of living in this area. Acupuncture is reversing a condition I've had for 22 years, giving me my life back. WOW"
- Gigi D. via facebook

"Whitsitt is a miracle worker. I thought I was going to die from my asthma attacks and after only one week of treatments I am already breathing easier. This clinic is great. Thank you so much!"
- Sarah C. via facebook

"Acupuncture For The People in Eugene is so great and so affordable, highly recommend! I've been going for about a year and am so amazed at those sessions where I lay back, close my eyes and wake up 1.5 hrs later feeling so relaxed, like I was just on a vacation! It's beyond sleep!"
- Valerie D via facebook

"I was skeptical at first but am a believer in it now. It really does help with many things. I know I will be going there for a long time. It might actually be addicting, even if you just need to relax. I highly recommend this place to everyone and anyone."
- Elizabeth W. via facebook

"The acupuncturists at Acupuncture for the People have changed my life. They are true healers!"
- Penelope A. via facebook

"Rob is an exceptional acupuncturist. He has superb listening skills, a calming presence, and a wealth of knowledge of Chinese medicine and integrative health care. I have found his acupuncture treatments to be very beneficial for women's health issues and definitely recommend his services."
- Kara S.